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Torah For Real People

TFRP, "Torah For Real People", is a place where "real" regular people can go to find timeless "real" advice and ideas taken from ancient & modern-day Jewish Torah sources, to overcome the "real" everyday challenges that we face.


Rabbi Avi Tenenbaum, Torah scholar & mental health educator, selects short but powerful "real" Torah sources & practically applies them to "real-life" problems we all face such as anxiety, depression, addiction, anger, jealousy, lust, & loneliness.


The TFRP channel assumes nothing about its viewers. It aims to take even "real" people struggling with profound struggles sometimes spanning decades, & give them therapeautic messages of hope, health, balance, growth, and appreciation.


Rabbi Tenenbaum grew up in the United States and has been living in Israel since 2002. He has studied Torah ethics & philosophy for over 20 years. His passion is sharing timeless Torah sources that shed light and hope to "real" people like himself, to grow and thrive.

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