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Our Services 

All our services are designed to provide practical skills and tools, ensuring participants are equipped to apply Psychological First Aid (PFA) techniques effectively in real-world situations. Whether you're attending a brief seminar or an in-depth workshop, you'll gain hands-on experience and actionable strategies to support yourself and other individuals in crisis. We provide training in the following formats:

  • Crisis intervention course: online or on-site​ of a disaster site

  • In person PFA day workshops 

  • Online PFA events

  • Keynote talks

  • Conference presentations

Topics we cover
  • Psychological First Aid to support others during crisis

  • First Responder Wellbeing

  • Resilience Training to practically prepare for crises and perform well in survival situations

Disasters and events we have responded to since 2020 

  • COVID-19

  • Meron Civil Disaster

  • Sorotzkin Arson Fires

  • Operation Guardian of the Walls

  • Walder Scandal

  • Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Who do we teach?

We offer local & international training in Psychological First Aid to the following:

  • Mental health and medical professionals Educators, 

  • Organizations, community leadership 

  • Law enforcement, EMS, fire, military, and aearch & rescue

  • Families and individuals 

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